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Pure Chanderi Plain: UnBleached (Approx. 40gms Per Meter)

100.00260.00 (Incl. GST & Shipping)




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This unbleached, fully dyeable, mix silk, plain chanderi ethnic fabric is manufactured using manual power-loom machines in Varanasi city. We sell best quality, genuine ethnic products made in Varanasi only. In this product, Pure Resham thread is used as warp and pure mercerised cotton thread has been used as weft. This fabric contains 10% to 12% pure resham silk thread and 88-90% pure mercerised cotton threadWidth of the fabric is approx. 44 Inches. Fabric weight is between 38 to 41 grams per meter. It’s color is naturally unbleached raw white and fully dyeable. Little-bit shrinkage is possible. This fabric is very widely used in women’s ethnic dress materials.

Customized Product-Quantity: Here, multiple quantity(in meters) options are provided at product’s detail page in order to facilitate our customers to choose their required quantity(in meters) and also genuine wholesale/retail prices are fixed against those respective quantity options. If any customer requires different customized quantity(in meters) then please contact us on Whatsapp/email. We will manage and dispatch the same if possible.

  • 20 Centimeters Sample Fabric    Rs. 100.00                      (Prepaid Only)
  • 2.00 – 5.00 Meters                       Rs. 260.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 20.00 Meters                               Rs. 185.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid/COD)
  • 50.00 Meters                               Rs. 175.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid/COD)
  • 75.00 Meters                               Rs. 170.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 100.00 Meters                             Rs. 168.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 125.00 Meters                             Rs. 167.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 150.00 Meters                             Rs. 166.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 175.00 Meters                             Rs. 165.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 200.00 Meters                             Rs. 164.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 225.00 Meters                             Rs. 163.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 250.00 Meters                             Rs. 163.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 275.00 Meters                             Rs. 162.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 300.00 Meters                             Rs. 162.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 325.00 Meters                             Rs. 161.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)
  • 350.00 Meters                             Rs. 161.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)  with mandatory GST E-Way Bill
  • 400.00 Meters                             Rs. 160.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)  with mandatory GST E-Way Bill
  • 500.00 Meters                             Rs. 160.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)  with mandatory GST E-Way Bill
  • 1000.00 Meters                           Rs. 160.00 Per Meter     (Prepaid Only)  with mandatory GST E-Way Bill
  • Product Price is Inclusive of GST, Packing Charges & Shipping Charges.

GST Invoice: GST registered Customers can avail GST Input Tax Credits. In Order to get GST Invoice, Customers need enter their GST Number in CAPITAL LETTERS and Firm/Company Details at Payment Page. And we will send hard copy of Original (GST) Tax Invoice with ordered product’s shipment.

Customer’s Preferred Logistics/Couriers: Customers can contact us (before placing any order) to dispatch their ordered products by their preferred Logistics/Couriers (which are available & easily accessible in Varanasi city) and we will surely try to dispatch with same if possible.

These fabric Cut Piece products are non returnable, non replaceable, non refundable.

For any query you can contact us: on  Whatsapp(only): 08765504000, or email us: support@mangalutsav.com

For details terms & conditions, please visit our website’s terms & conditions pages.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 3 cm
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Cut Piece (Than) Length (Mtrs) Range

There is no fixed cut piece length. Random length fabric Cut Piece is available between 20 Meters to 50 Meters.
For example, if any customer asks for 100 Meters then we can provide 3 Cut pieces of 30.00 + 35.00 + 35.00 meters or it can be 20 .00 Meters * 5 Cut pieces, etc like this.

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