Product Care

Ethnic Fabric/Made-ups Care Suggestions:

  1. Dress Materials/ Garments should only be dry-cleaned once a season. Washing dress materials/made-ups at home may result in shrinkage, limpness, and considerable fading and other severe problems. We also found that vibrant colors fade in washing, or multi-colored dyes will run into one another. We see it always when light and darker dyed fabrics/made-ups are combined.
  2. Excessive cleaning of fabrics/made-ups ruins them sooner. Some luxurious made-ups such as: Sherwanis, Indo-Westerns and Jackets can be worn more than once before washing or cleaning if you give them just a little care when you remove them.  Always check them for spots, tears, lint, or anything else that would let them ruin.
  3. When you iron or press fabrics/made-ups, use the proper heat setting for the type of fabric, excess hot will definitely ruin the fabrics/made-ups in an instant. Pressing very delicate fabrics/made-ups should be done with immense care, using a press cloth may be a good aid for their protection. 
  4. Don’t press stained or soiled fabrics/made-ups. Heat is another factor that makes stains more difficult to remove.
  5. Always let lotions, antiperspirants, perfume, hair spray and other toiletries to dry before you get dressed. Try to avoid these products because these can contain ingredients that cause color fade or color changes (i.e. staining) and also weakens the fabrics/made-ups.
  6. Water and Perspiration both can cause dyes in multicolor fabrics/made-ups to change color so, if possible, protect your fabrics/made-ups from contact with perspiration or water.
  7. Check the fabrics/made-ups when you take it off.  Before putting clothes away for storage, have them cleaned to remove stains first. This can prevent insects from causing holes in the fabrics/made-ups, and stains from ageing and discoloring.
  8. Store fabrics/made-ups in a dark area. Long exposure to sunlight or even strong lights can cause streaks and fading.
  9. Always change your good made-ups before attempting the dirty tasks, it will save the ethnic made-ups from potential damages.
  10. Areas that are repeatedly rubbed during wear may lose finish, creating lighter areas or a shaded appearance. We typically see this occurrence in the seat, waist, inner thigh, elbows, or other areas of wear. The edges or folds at the lapels, hems, collar, and cuff may show loss of the finish as well.
  11. Silk, satin and other fragile or loosely woven fabrics are especially vulnerable to snags and abrasion. Silk will chafe easily or develop light areas if rubbed while wet.
  12. Minimize the use of ornamented handbags, jewelry and shoulder straps with these fine fabrics.  It can result in irreparable fabrics/made-ups damage and abrasion.
  13. Never use chlorine bleach or products containing chlorine on silk fabrics/made-ups. It will permanently change the color.
  14. Contact with any of the following can cause discoloration:

• Hand Sanitizers, Water

• Body Sprays

• Deodorants and other consumer and household products

• Moisturizers and other skin care products

• Alcohol

• Perfume or cologne

• Hair spray

• Shampoo

• Home detergents and dish liquids

• Toothpaste

• Facial cleansers

• Products containing chlorine

• Mouthwash and other astringents

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